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George + Loyse

Grand Expectations

Grand Expectations

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Unlock your true potential with this limited edition set of 10 Grand Expectations cards. Each double-sided card features words of wisdom & gentle reminders to encourage, affirm & bring you peace of mind. With these uplifting works of art, discover the power of self-love, acceptance & personal growth! 

How to use Grand Expectations

  • Pull one randomly as a focus for the day 
  • Carry one or two cards with you as a gentle reminder
  • Add to your vision board
  • Use them as a journal prompts
  • Place them around your home or office
  • Give one as a mindful gift
  • Use during prayer & meditation
  • Share with friends & family

Grand expectations are exclusive to George + Loyse.                                                            ** measurements 4.72 x 4.72

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