Anumoo Scrub
Anumoo Scrub
Anumoo Scrub
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Anumoo Scrub

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Anumoo Scrub is a unique blend formulated specifically to revive & care for both your hair & body. With detoxifying & exfoliating properties, it is perfect for removing dry, rough skin while restoring moisture & shine. Its clean, citrus lavender scent & shea butter base make it a luxurious experience. 

What does Anumoo Scrub do?

  • Eliminates toxins
  • Helps to fade dark spots
  • Reveals brighter, healthier skin 
  • Improves texture of skin 
  • Naturally cleanses
  • Great for pre-shave 
  • Leaves hair soft & moisturized
  • Encourages skin to absorb more moisture
  • Allows product to penetrate deeper into the skin & hair follicle

How do I use Anumoo scrub for my body?

  • Apply to a dry body in a circular motion 
  • Considerately add water to the skin to dissolve salt
  • Rub remaining moisture into skin

How do I use Anumoo Scrub for my hair/beard ?

  • Wash your hair as normal
  • Apply Anumoo Scrub to beard &/or scalp
  • Gently massage
  • Allow to sit for several minutes
  • Rinse & enjoy 

Ingredients: sea salt, himalayan salt, shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, hops, essential lime oil, essential lemon oil, essential lavender oil

* Caution: due to oil content, shower will be slippery. Do not use on open wounds & sores. For external use only; keep out of eyes. 

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